“If you’ve been by Lumonics Light & Sound Gallery, then you already know it’s unlike any other gallery in the city. Artist Dorothy Tanner sculpts amazing, impossible-to-describe works featuring light as a main component; the gallery also plays host to events that include music, meditation, Chinese Qigong, and workshops on expanding your consciousness.”
Amber Taufen, Westword
Awarded Best Art Gallery/Party Space – Westword


  Dorothy Tanner Art Installation Downstairs at
The Scarlet in Central City

Lumonics Mind Spa



Friday, April 14 at Lumonics
Lil Sum’n Sum’n World Percussion
With Special Guest: Beth Quist

Doors open 8:00 pm
Beth Quist: 9 pm

Lil Sum’n Sum’n: 10 pm
Advance tickets recommended for guaranteed entry


Gilly Gonzalez and Lisa Marie make up Lil Sum’n Sum’n, a duet born out of the collective project, Lunar Fire. It is an improvisational psy-trance experience featuring a world beat made up of Middle Eastern, Afro-Cuban, African, and American influences. Hang drums, tablas, doumbeks, dounouns, congas, shakers, udus, drones, ballaphones, and tap dancing drive rhythms that range from primal dance to meditational journeying.
Beth Quist is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and composer. Her world class 4-octave soprano voice has led her to perform and tour with Bobby McFerrin, Sherefe’, Cirque du Soleil, and many others. As a solo performer she has recorded 4 albums playing guitar, hammer dulcimer, keyboards, and world percussion… often simultaneously. Her style has a strong poly-rhythmic, middle-eastern flair. As a producer and composer she has worked on music for film, dance, theater, video, and other multi-media projects.


Lil Sum’n Sum’n Video at Lumonics, Feb. 2016
recorded by


L’il Sum’n Sum’n World Percussion



Upcoming Events at The Scarlet:
Friday, March 31: Govinda with Vibe Street
and Homemade Spaceship
Saturday, April 1: Cycles & Jahman Brahman
with Part & Parcel
Saturday, April 15: Bass Physics

Visit The Lumonics Mind Spa on the bottom floor


If you have an idea for an event that you would like to present at Lumonics, we look forward to hearing from you, and we enjoy collaborating…whether a fund-raiser for an organization, a meeting, a private gathering for friends, a poetry slam, workshop, or a book/record release party. You are welcome to email us: or visit our event planning page.


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